“The products of Nature are inseparable from a diversity that is essential to them.”

Populis Wine Import Co. Ltd is a Beijing, China-based company that aims at presenting natural wine in its diverse terms. By bringing in artisanal growers who interpret their land laboriously and thoughtfully, it aspires to turn the tide against the industry’s tendency to totalize the meaning of an appellation, a grape variety, a winemaking style and ultimately natural wine. It makes available to the Chinese consumers exemplars that will aid in their reflection on the diverse and distinctive aspects of many European wine regions.

Its name, with its reference to Republican Rome, evokes the sense of inclusivity that is at the core of wine as a beverage. Wine ought to be enjoyed by everyone, should the person choose to, and not a privilege to the few. This is particularly what Populis Wine wishes to change in the Chinese market, the idea of wine as luxury item.

While its Chinese name 众菩道 (zhòng pú dào) evokes the same kind of egalitarian spirit for wine consumption, the sound in Chinese resonates with that of the term for grape growing (zhòng pú tao). It harkens back to the long history of grape growing and winemaking, since the second century. Hopefully, this reminder will make it easier for Chinese consumers to integrate wine into their daily life and as part of the foodstuff, and to cease to consider it as merely exotic and voyeuristic.

Populis Wine Import Co. Ltd imports and distributes nationwide to both private and business clients. It also considers its essential responsibility to form a bridge between the consumers and the producers, relaying stories of the life and work of the vignerons it represents.